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Project H20

Clean water is a resource that we take for granted in the US. Clean water comes out of the sinks in our kitchens and bathrooms with the turn of a faucet. We even have cheap bottled water readily accessible for those that don’t like the taste of tap water. Many people in the world don’t share that same luxury. Contaminated drinking water is a problem for many families in the Peruvian Amazon. Many

children and adults suffer constantly from water-born illnesses as a result of drinking this water. There are parents today who have no way of providing clean drinking water for their children. I’ve seen it first hand with my own eyes. At Kingdom Ventures International we believe God has called us to do something about this problem. Last August we took over one hundred sawyer bucket filter systems into the Peruvian Amazon and watched families receive hope as they realized they now had a sustainable source of clean drinking water for their families and villages. These filters are gravity fed and filter over 100,000 gallons of water per unit. They are very durable with a lifespan of over 10 years if properly maintained. In short, they work amazingly well in hard to reach areas.

In March we are returning to the jungle. Our goal is to take 200 filters to distribute to families, villages, and churches. We will be holding 3 conferences in different areas of the jungle in and around Iquitos, Peru. The purpose of these conferences is to encourage pastors by equipping local churches with filters systems to go into other villages to give the gift of clean water and introduce others to the living water of Jesus Christ. We are believing God for His provision for this endeavor. Our goal is to raise a minimum of $10,000 to offset the costs for this trip. If you would like to partner with us your gift of any amount would help us give the gift of clean water to families in need. Your gift will also help encourage local pastors in hard to reach areas, and it will help us strengthen local churches that desire relationships and training. Your gift also helps put tools in the hands of churches to establish hope through clean water in surrounding villages. If you would like to help us. You can share this video with your friends and family and consider partnering with us by clicking on the link below. God bless you as you share and give. And remember the gospel is only good news if it gets there in time!

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