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50 /50 Clean Water Challenge

Waterborne illnesses running rampant in the Peruvian amazon due to a lack of clean safe drinking water. We have been providing Sawyer One point Bucket filter systems to families in and around Iquitos Peru since 2021. These filters last upwards of 20 years and provide over 100,000 gallons of fresh clean water and stop the spread of waterborne diseases. The 50/50 clean water challenge is an event designed to raise awareness and resources to supply clean drinking water in the Peruvian amazon.

On December the 9th we will be walking, running, and biking 50 miles to raise funds for these filters. For every $50 we raise we can deliver one of these filters along with the gospel of Jesus Christ to a family that needs clean and Living Water. Our goal is to raise $25,000 dollars in one day so we can spend the rest of 2024 bringing hope and healing to families in need. Would you partner with us? Your gift of $1000 will give twenty families access to clean water for a generation. $500 will provide 10 families with life changing access to clean safe water.

With a gift of $50 you can be responsible for providing safe clean drinking water to one family who will be forever thankful.

Mother Theresa famously said, “If you can’t feed a village, then just feed one.” We may not be able to reach every family with clean water but with your help we can reach one more!

Pr James Grayson

"Because the Gospel is only good if it gets there in time."

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