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When I think of you, I thank God.

Earlier this week I was studying the Bible together with a few friends and was struck by these words:

“Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.”

‭‭Philippians‬ ‭1:3‬ ‭NLT‬‬

These words were written by the apostle Paul as he was addressing his friends in the church in Philippi.

He writes these encouraging words to his friends and partners in the gospel of Jesus Christ. How encouraging to know that someone is thinking of you. Even more encouraging to know that when they think of you, the thought of you is so positive it moves them to give thanks to God!

Reading this verse caused me to ask myself a couple of questions.

  1. “Are there people who thank God when they think of me?”

  2. “Do I let the people in my life that I thank God for know when I think of them?

We all have fellow believers that have greatly impacted our lives that we think about on a regular basis. If we think about them and thank God for them privately that is great, but it doesn’t bless and benefit them unless we share that thanksgiving with them.

I am thankful for Paul’s example of following through with his gratitude to God for his friends. He didn’t just thank God for them, he took the time to let them know in a letter.

As I reflect on this verse I am reminded of the times I have fond memories of friends and even thank God for them but I stop short of giving those friends that encouragement.

Everyone needs to know they have made a difference in the lives of others. I want to challenge you today to take the time to reflect on the people in your life you are thankful for; give thanks to God for them, and let them know with a text, phone call, email or an old fashioned letter.

Encouragement is a powerful thing. Don’t forget to use it daily!

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