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Slow Down to See the Signs

Driving behind our daughter to her new house, we realized that we

were on a school road and the school lights were flashing on a sign to remind you to slow down to 35 and then a few feet ahead was another sign to slow down to 25.

Our daughter was not paying attention and did not slow down so I called her and reminded her of the sign and the area where we were at. She answered and said thank you she did not realize it and slowed down.

So many times we are are so distracted by other things, good or not so good, we miss the flashing signs the Lord puts right in front of us. In fact we miss every sign of of warning to slow down pay attention.

1-God puts signs all around us to help us on the journey with Him.

2-Holy Spirit is there to help us see the signs when we miss them.

In a busy life, it is good to take a moment and ask God to help us see the signs that He is putting in front of us. What is it the He is trying to speak to you today? Is it slow down and just take a breath? Could it be to forgive someone? Could it be that He is waiting for you to set some time aside and be in His presence? What sign is He revealing to you today? Take a moment, slow down and see.

“Show me the right path, O Lord; point out the road for me to follow.”

Psalms 25:4 NLT

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